The Partners

Ariaan D.P. van Walsum

Trauma surgeon Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town 1990 - 1992 MST, Enschede 1991 - 2018

Gert Nijenbanning

Baat Medical Managing Director at Baat Medical products B.V.

Arthur Aalsma

Baat Medical Director R&D at Baat

Arthur Aalsma

Baat Medical Director R&D at Baat


Perfect timing

Edsko refers Gert to Arian. And that timing turns out to be perfect!

When Gert Nijenbanning approached him about an existing osteosynthesis technique that could possibly be technically improved, Ariaan didn’t have
to think twice: the medial neck fracture! The most operated fracture with the most complications…

Rotational stability and volume; the theory


The clinical success

The clinical success
The take home message of this is that when using the Gannet, thanks to respecting the biology of the medial column fracture, a signicant reduction in
the failure rate can be achieved for both undislocated and dislocated femoral column fractures (van Walsum et al. , 2017; Kalsbeek et al, 2016) (). Like the
natural Gannet (the gannet bird), the Gannet implant is extremely streamlined, low in volume and efective.

A.D.P. van Walsum, J. Vroemen, HMJ Janzing, T. Winkelhorst, J. Kalsbeek & W.H. Roerdink. “Low failure rate by means of DLBP Fixation of undisplaced femoral frac-tures”, European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, 2017, Vol. 43, pp. 475-480

J.H. Kalsbeek, A.D.P. van Wlasum, J/P/A.M.Vroemen, H.M.J. Janzing, T. Winkelhorst, B.P. Bertelink, W.H. Roerdink, “Displaced femoral neck fractures in patients 60 years of age or younger: results of internal xataion with the dynamic locking blade plate”, The Bone & Joint Journal, 2016, Vol. 100-B, no.4

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